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No Quarter Given

No Quarter GivenNo Quarter GivenVesselorbit lrdiptychpod aGet a Wriggle On lrVesselVessellVesselVessel web copyTake Me Back To SleepYou'll Be In Heaven ThenHead #2I Want To Be  A Real BoyPodScionTo the Death #2 ScionScionVessel web copyBudSucculent #2To the Death #2 To The Endphoto(7)Affronted Maze A Little Big Man The Efalent ManLittle Big Man The Efalent ManTo The EndThe Efalent ManSucculent The VillageMaze A Affronted The ForestAffronted , pen, ink and coloured pencil on paper, 2014, 40 x 50cmThe Village. Pen, ink, pencil, coloured pencil on paper. 82 x 55cm, 2013.TheVillage